Alumnus Letter

Johnny Theodore knows the true meaning of the Project STEP family. He was an inaugural student of Project STEP. His niece and nephew, Grace and Nathan, are now STEP students themselves. Read his letter below:

Greetings Mrs. Jaffee,Thank you very much for your interest in my life and my Project STEP experience. I was very pleased to learn about my nephew’s success as a musician.

Please excuse my delay in response to your questions.

Johnny Theodore STEP News ArticleNow in regards to my experience as a Project STEP Student I must first say that I was blessed to be a part of the inaugural class of students to benefit from the wonderful positive experience of Project STEP. I recall with fond memories many things from the selection process to the private lessons, concerts, and enriching activities which was a tremendous blessing for both my family and I. I had the honor of being on the first Project STEP informative brochure and meeting many accomplished musicians (including Itzhak Perlman and Isaac Stern), receiving private lessons from members of Boston’s prestigious Symphony Orchestra, attending many concerts at Symphony Hall and BSO’s Summer home in Tanglewood. I found the Project STEP program well structured and organized as it afforded me lessons in solfeggio, piano, violin, and music theory. In short, I very much enjoyed my experience with Project STEP.

Currently, I am a special education teacher in the beautiful city of Hampton, Virginia. I am still a listener of music. Although I did not choose a career in the music field I find myself eyeing my violin and wishing I had ‘stayed the course’, the same is true for the piano.

Nonetheless, if I had to sum up my entire experience with Project STEP in two words I would be remised if I did not mention these two: Structure and Discipline.

In closing, please send my regards to Bill Moyer, Prentice Pilot, and Mariana Green.

Many Blessings to you,
Johnny Theodore