Mary Saudek Jaffee Fund

Mary S. Jaffee, Executive DirectorFor the past 33 years, Project STEP has presented exceptional opportunities for a comprehensive music education to musically gifted students of color from underserved communities. Our mission results in enhancing our students’ development, and the skills they acquire in our program have a positive and measurable impact on their personal and academic achievement.

For the last ten years, Project STEP has grown and thrived under the able guidance and direction of our Executive Director, Mary Jaffee. Mary will be retiring from Project STEP on June 30, 2016, and we hope you will join us in honoring her years of leadership and service.

In Mary’s many years of leadership at Project STEP, she has overseen an increase in the numbers of our students, provided a safe and constructive community environment for STEP families, and dramatically improved our operating results by securing and expanding funding support. She has also overseen the development and implementation of a strategic plan that culminated in Project STEP winning a 2014 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program award.

In recognition of these and many other accomplishments and contributions, the Project STEP Board of Directors is proud to announce the establishment of the Mary Saudek Jaffee Fund.

The Mary Saudek Jaffee Fund is designed to support features of Project STEP that are highly valued by Mary herself, and in doing so, to honor her years of dedication to the program. In this spirit, the Fund is intended to support activities that offer consistent interactions and instruction with exceptional professional musicians who provide students and their families with mentorship, skill building, and inspiration.

Activities may include the following, as well as other opportunities that align closely with the spirit of this fund:

Summer music camp
Artist residencies
Community events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day commemorations that extend Project STEP’s mission and values to our lives outside the program

A huge thank you to the Willow Tree Fund for their generous support: If we raise $25,000 for the Mary Saudek Jaffee Fund by June 30, 2016, the Willow Tree Fund will provide a matching gift in the amount of $25,000!

Donate today to the Mary Saudek Jaffee Fund! *Please make a note in Paypal in honor of Mary. You can do this by “adding a special note to the seller” when reviewing your FINAL payment submission. The option to add a note to the seller appears on the left side of the computer screen after you log in to Paypal and enter the donation amount.