Project STEP in the News

Project STEP in the News


Friends of the Pubic Garden. A Community Conversation: The Power of Public Monuments and Why They Matter. Jan. 9


The Boston Globe. $2.5m Mellon Foundation Grant Launches Boston Classical Music Initiative. Sept. 27

The Patriot Ledger. South Shore Student Musicians Celebrate 35 Years Project STEP. June 1

BNN News Interviews Gabriella Sanna, Executive Director of Project STEP and Alum Monique Smith. March 31

Color Magazine. Project STEP and Future of Music. Gabriella Sanna. Jan. 12

Boston Neighborhood Network News. Gabriella Sanna. Jan. 12

The Bay State Banner. Jin-Kyung Joen, Alex Hernandez. Jan. 11

Madison Magazine. Project STEP alumni spotlight: Paran Amirinazari. Jan. 8


The Boston GlobeTrump’s case against the NEA has nothing to do with budgets. Feb. 6

The Boston Musical Intelligencer. STEPs Small and Large. Jan. 6


WCVB Five for Good. Gabriella Sanna, Angelina Wallace. Dec. 8, 7 p.m. news

El Mundo. Javier Caballero, Amalia Ali. Dec. 7

NECN Center StageGabriella Sanna, Noah Kelly, Jehan Diaz, Project STEP overview. Nov. 17, 9 p.m.

Newtonite. Interview with Njioma about White House State Dinner performance. Nov. 10

Metro Boston. Front page story and photo, Gabriella Sanna, Ajani Boyd. Nov. 4 Gabriella Sanna, Tristan Flores, Njioma Grevious, Lev Mamuya, Jordan Calixto. Nov. 2

Boston Sunday Globe Rise column. Njioma Grevious profile. Oct. 31

Roslindale Transcript. Roslindale residents Gabriella Sanna, Christian Casiano. Oct. 20

NECN The Take Alex Hernandez and Gabriella Sanna. Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

WHDH CH. 7 Urban Update. Gabriella Sanna, Lauryn Phinney. Oct. 16 at 11:30 a.m.

Lexington Minuteman. Tristan Flores. Oct. 11

Lexington Patch. Tristan Flores. Oct. 11

Marblehead Patch. Jordan Calixto. Oct. 11

Newton Patch. Njioma Grevious and Lev Mamuya. Oct. 11 Gabriella Sanna, New Executive Director. Sept. 2

Marblehead Reporter. Jordan Calixto. August 11


WGBH’s “PBS NewsHour.” Project STEP segment. August 12

The Christian Science MonitorAlex Hernandez, Njioma Grevious, Noah Kelly. May 28

WGBH’s Greater Boston. Project STEP segment. April 14

WGBH-radio, “All Things Considered.” Project STEP segment. April 7

WGBH-radio, “Morning Edition.” Project STEP segment. April 7

WGBH-radio, “Morning Edition.” Project STEP segment. April 2

WGBH-TV’s “Open Studio.” Mary Jaffee, Njeri Grevious, Ajani Boyd. March 27

Belmont Citizen Herald. NAHYP, Nicole Urban. Feb. 26

Sun Chronicle. NAHYP Award, Suubi Laurent, editorial. Feb. 25

Malden Observer. NAHYP Award, Cameron Miller, Angelina Wallace. Feb. 20

Wicked Local Duxbury. NAHYP Award, Alex and Itsva Hernandez. Feb. 20

Johnson String Instrument Newsletter. NAHYP photo, feature story. Feb. 15

South End News. NAHYP Award, Ariyana Chrispin-Perkins, Jehan Diaz, Christian Casiano. Feb. 12

Duxbury Clipper. NAHYP Award, Alex and Itsva Hernandez. Feb. 11

Brockton Enterprise. NAHYP Award, Taylor Payne, Ameerah Manigat. Feb. 9

Abington Mariner. NAHYP Award, Taylor Payne, Ameerah Manigat. Feb. 9

Hudson-Litchfield News. NAHYP Award, Daniel and Isabel Chin. Feb. 6

Milton Times. NAHYP Award, Michael and Kerby Louis Roberson. Feb. 5

Windham Independent. NAHYP Award, Daniel and Isabel Chin. Feb. 5

Patriot Ledger. NAHYP Award, Keilina Monteiro Do Canto, Kerby Louis Roberson, Tamara Cambronero, Alba Gilabert-Reid, Michael Roberson. Jan. 31

Watertown Tab. NAHYP Award, Amiyr Ahmad, Grace Theodore, Nathan Theodore. Jan. 23

Sun Chronicle. NAHYP Award, Suubi Laurent, Mary Jaffee. Jan. 23

Concord Journal. NAHYP Award, Ridley and Sterling Hoyte. Jan. 22

Braintree Forum. Front page NAHYP Award, Tamara Cambronero, Mary Jaffee. Jan. 8 (second piece)

Mass Nonprofit News. NEA press release. Jan. 7

Weymouth News. NAHYP photo and story. Keilina Do Canto, Mary Jaffee. Jan. 7

Brookline Tab. NAHYP Award, Rigoberto Rodriguez-Anton. Jan. 3


Braintree Forum. NAHYP Award, Tamara Cambronero. Dec. 25

Waltham News Tribune. NAHYP Award, Fatima Tellez. Dec. 25

The Quincy Sun. NAHYP Award, Alba Guilabert-Reid. Dec. 24

West Roxbury Transcript. Front Page, NAHYP Award, Noah Kelly. Dec. 21

Abington Mariner. NAHYP Award, Taylor Payne. Dec. 19

Hyde Park Bulletin. NAHYP photo / feature. Jason Tackie, Mary Jaffee. Dec. 18

Winthrop Transcript. NAHYP Award, Emily Walker. Dec. 18

Roslindale Transcript. NAHYP Award, Noah Kelly. Dec. 18

Boston Globe. December 16th  (click here for a PDF version of the article)

West Roxbury Bulletin. NAHYP Award, Noah Kelly. Dec. 4

Overture. NAHYP Award, Mary Jaffee, Njeri Grevious. December Issue

Mary Jaffee and student Njioma Grevious on WCVB-TV Cityline, November 16, 12 p.m.

Baystate BannerNovember 14

Boston Globe Names. November 13

Dorchester ReporterNovember 13

Boston Herald Inside TrackNovember 12

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Show. November 10

STEP student Ajani Boyd on WFXT-TV Channel 25, November 10, 6 p.m.

Mary Jaffee and Ajani Boyd on WBZ-TV Channel 4, November 10, 6 p.m.

WBZ Radio 1030 AM. NAHYP Award, Mary Jaffee, Ajani Boyd. Nov. 10

WBUR Radio 90.9 FM. NAHYP Award, Mary Jaffee. Nov. 10